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Digimon Masters Online Beginners guide


               1. Important locations
               2. Questing/Grinding for EXP
               3. Optimum damage through digivolutions
               4. The most economical of the basic Health and DigiSoul items
               5. Managing DigiSoul consumption
               6. Acquiring your ideal digimon
               7. Common terms used in DMO
               Closing comments

This is my first guide, so do go easy on me forum :)
Hello tamers! and welcome to this short tips and tricks guide on Digimon Masters Online (DMO). This guide is a hopeful initiative to hel.p new tamers and digimon lovers with their digimon taming and leveling experience on DMO. I apologise if there are already comprehensive or better guides to the subjects that I would like to share, but I do hope that this guide will still prove to be both simple and hel.pful to you. Ofcourse, any form of constructive criticism is welcomed. Remember this guide is for New tamers and for all the veterans out there, any additional advice you have for us would be greatly appreciated! Now enough small talk and on with the guide! :D Cheers!

Advice for Beginners:
Here are some of the few things that have hel.ped me when I was still (and still am) learning the ropes. These are also some of the usual questions that new tamers tend to ask about on DMO. I’ve also included some tips that I thought would’ve been hel.pful if someone told me beforehand what to expect. ;)

            1.0 Important locations:
DATS: THE area that connects the digimon world to the real world on DMO. This is also the place where you can find most of your essentials, like Mr.Eggscanning chessmon, warehouse, slot machines, portals to the digiworld, cash shops, vending machines, etc.. This is also the main area where other players go to sell items and open their personal shops.

Warehouse: Your warehouse can be found in the DATS area, it’s managed by the PawnChessmonW on the left of Mr.Richard Sampson. This is where you can go to store the extra stuff you need for later.

Retrieval and Scanning: Managed by another Pawnchessmon, you can find this guy to the right of Mr.Richard Sampson. He scans or buys digimon eggs and certain quest items for you to obtain stuffs inside. You can also find this guy in other places like Yokohama Village and Wind valley in the digital world.

Incubator: you hatch digitamas (hatchable digimon eggs) that you have acquired. You will also need data discs that are of the same type as the digitama egg that you would like to hatch.

            2.0 Questing/Grinding:
Questing will form part of the Leveling experience for you during the earlier levels. Later on, some players think that it is more efficient grinding to max level for experience and skill points. Do note however, that questing does provide you with story advancement if you are the roleplaying type. Also, some of the early quests provide you with free partner digimons like kunemon. Do the quests and find out what other partner digimons you can get! :D

If you plan on grinding, always remember and watch out for the types of digimon you are facing. Use type weaknesses and resistances to your advantage based on:

               Principle:             Vaccine   <<     Data      <<     Virus    <<  Vaccine
               Example:             Agumon  <<  Renamon <<  Impmon  <<  Agumon

3.0 Optimum damage through digivolving:
When levelling it is sometimes good to time your evolutions, for example: digivolving to champion stage first, using your most powerful skill while lowering your opponents health, then digivolving to ultimate stage to finish your enemy off. You normally skip rookie stage at later levels because it doesn’t deal enough damage for the amount of hp you take from your opponent. Remember, you have to also think about your decreasing digisoul (mana) while your partner digimon is in more advanced evolutions than the rookie stage.

You could also just focus most of your skill points into the strongest one of your digimon skills. (Note: everytime you digivolve , even in battle, your partner digimon will get his hp and ds restored to max) (Each evolution state does not share its skill points with other stages, example: if you gain and use skill points on rookie skills, this does not affect the available skill points for champion, ultmiate or mega stages)

4.0 Efficiency with using hp and digisoul (mana) items:

I’ve found it to be very hel.pful having food available to you and your digimon partner when fighting in tough areas. A few disk should be enough to hel.p you through a few tight spots. Food and vitamins are useful because they regenerate both your hp and your partners hp/digisoul and it usually is a lot cheaper than buying disk that grant the same amount of recovery. (Ofcourse this is balance by the fact that you cannot eat during a battle but can use disks)

During the lower levels, we will most probably be short on bits (cash), hence using the most efficient food items will hel.p our economy the most while we climb our way to the top. Here are some examples: (Note: I found a page detailing the prices of some food items on the wiki, but some of the item prices for food were different and the prices for disks were not available... basically I had to run a marathon around digitown to get this information for you :D) -Sorry if the allignment is abit off :S

Stick bread                        235hp      25 bits                 9.40 hp/bit   
Red bean bread             330hp     30 bits                 11.0 hp/bit  
Cream bread                    420hp      60 bits                 7.00 hp/bit   
Butter bread                      550hp     105bits                 5.20 hp/bit
Milk bread                         750hp     150bits                 5.00 hp/bit
Toasted bread                  900hp     240bits                 3.75 hp/bit
Corn bread                       1200hp   330bits                 3.64 hp/bit
Multi grain bread              1350hp   450bits                 3.00 hp/bit
Premium bread                1600hp   600bits                 2.60 hp/bit 
Vitamin A                          85ds        45bits                  1.89 ds/bit
Vitamin B                          120ds        83bits                  1.45 ds/bit
Vitamin C                          150ds      164bits                  0.92 ds/bit
Medium Vitamin A            250ds     315bits                  0.79 ds/bit
Medium Vitamin B            375ds     475bits                  0.79 ds/bit
Medium Vitamin C            450ds     663bits                  0.68 ds/bit
High Vitamin A                  675ds     710bits                  0.95 ds/bit
High Vitamin B                  800ds   1M 104bits              0.72 ds/bit

HP Disks:
HP Disk A                            100hp    30bits                   3.33hp/bit
HP Disk B                           200hp   36bits                  5.55hp/bit
HP Disk C                           300hp    72bits                    4.16hp/bit
HP Disk D                           400hp    126bits                  3.17hp/bit
HP Disk E                            500hp    180bits                 2.78hp/bit
HP Disk F                            600hp    288bits                 2.08hp/bit

DS Disks:
DS Disk A                           50ds      27bits                    1.85ds/bit
DS Disk B                          100ds    32bits                     3.12ds/bit
DS Disk C                         250ds    64bits                   3.90ds/bit   
DS Disk D                         300ds    113bits                   2.65ds/bit
DS Disk E                         375ds    162bits                    2.31ds/bit
DS Disk F                          700ds    259bits                   2.70ds/bit

From this list, we can observe that to have the most bang for your buck, the most efficient source of health points and digisoul for off-battle consumption would be Red Bean Bread and Vitamin As. While the most efficient choice for on-battle consumption would be HP Disk Bs and DS Disk Cs. (Note! Do remember to check the amount of hp/ds you currently have before just blindly buying the most efficient consumables, if you have 200 ds try not to go buying DS Disk Cs because you would be wasting the extra 50ds)

Ofcourse, you can just use this list to see how much each item cost for the amount of bits you put in, and choose according

5.0 Managing Digisoul consumption:
After acquiring a few digivolution stages, you might start to notice that you burst for more damage with a certain digimon stage while being able to maintain a lower but more consistent amount of damage on another stage.

For example, at tamer level 30 and partner digimon level 42, you might notice that the ultimate stage of your digimon burst for the most amount of damage per amount of digisoul spent fighting and maintaining your evolution, while your champion stage is able to maintain a more lower but more consistent amount of damage for a longer period of time. Hence, digivolving to champion, spamming your skills to weaken your opponent, then digivolving to ultimate to burst/finish the enemy off was the optimum sequence for my digimon partner falcomon at this tamer and digimon level. (note this was with 2nd skills maxed out on both champ and ultimate)

Mega form was not viable because not enough skill points were available to boost my partners skills and it did not have the second skill for mega form. (usually 2nd mega skill only unlocks at digimon level 46) Mega form was also too much to maintain without taking any digisoul regenerating items. In fact, simply digivolving from rookie up to mega would also leave me at 10% digisoul, not recommended if you would want to save on food or disks.

TIP: When facing really tough or higher levelled opponent digimons, you could always digivolve to a higher stage, consume some vitamins to max out your digisoul, then engage. Also theres a window when your digimon starts casting its first skill to use another vitamin to add some digisoul in for an extra cast!

Remember every digimon is different, so check and see which stages work better in combination for an optimum amount of damage.

6.0 Acquiring your ideal digimon:
If you are a long time digimon fan (or used to be one when you were a kid) you would still remember that Guilmon from digimon world 3, or that cool kick-butt Leomon from digimon world 1 on PS-one. It would make sense that you would like to have a partner digimon of that specific type on DMO. My basic advice here is just to stay longer grinding areas where one of your digimons digivolutions are available. I’m not forcing you to just grind from lvl 1 to 75 in just those areas, but in between your questing times. 

Lets say you like Leomon, then focusing on areas with electmons, leomons, panjyamons, saberleomons will give you a chance of acquiring his digitama-egg. (Ofcourse you could just buy them from the cash shop or from other players if you have the funds ;) ) Remember to also keep the same type of data that you get from scanning eggs as the digimon that you want.

        Example: If you want     Agumon     (dragon type)    keep   dragon type data discs
                                                 Piyomon     (bird type)        keep   bird type data discs
                                                 Kunemon   (insect type)     keep   insect type data discs

        you get the picture ;)

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged, the drop rates are pretty decent for me personally, but the chances of hatching your ideal egg is insanity xD I almost went in.sane trying to hatch Renamon... ... ... oh wait.. x,x

               7.0 Common Digimon terms used here: (For those new to the digimon world)

                Digivolution: An advanced stage that your digimon can evolve to.

                Digivolve: Evolving from one digimon stage to another, like rookie to champion for  

                Digitama: An egg that has the capacity to hatch a digimon

                Digisoul: Mana in digimon terms

                DMO: Digimon Masters Online

                Hp: Health points

                Mercenary digimon: Digimons that can join and fight for you.

                Questing & Grinding:  Questing – Doing quests to get level-ups
                                                       Grinding – Fighting digimons to get level-ups

                Digimon stages: Rookie - the 1st and most basic stage of your digimons form in
                                                               Champion – the 2nd stage in the digivolution line
                                                               Ultimate – the 3rd stage in the digivolution line
                                                               Mega – the 4th and final stage for most digimon lines
                                                               Burst – Some digimons can evolve to an extra stage.
  • Example: Agumon gets a special evolution through a quest at level 75. (I do not own an agumon however and I do not know what this quest involves, but you’ll know when you get there :)


Closing comments:

I hope that the information on here would prove useful to new digimon tamers out there. Any hel.pful suggestions would be warmly welcomed by me and future readers of this guide :) To all new Digimon Tamers, from all of us here on DMO

                        Welcome to our family and happy taming! :D


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